Bartlesville Area Friends Of The Parks
A non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement and preservation of our city's outdoor areas.
President, Jim Eccleston - Secretary, Bill McCarthy - Treasurer, John Miller.
FOP members and friends at a park workday. From Left to Right: John Cowan, Calvin Yikel, Paul Hefty, Rick & Pam Kunc, John Miller, Jim Eccleston (kneeling), and Jean & Bill McCarthy.
Bartlesville Area Friends of the Parks, Inc. is a non-profit (401(c)3), volunteer organization formed in September, 1985. FOP provides a means for individuals and businesses to contribute tax deductible gifts to an endowment fund for Bartlesville's parks and arboritums, not only enhancing nature, but also increasing public recreational enjoyment. The Friends have no paid employees and no expenses other than postage. They make all financial records available upon request to any donor.

Donations to the Friends endowment fund may be:

Cash or Checks
Stocks, bonds or mutual funds
Real estate
Bequests and Memorials
Please help the arboretum at Jo Allyn Lowe Park grow by adopting or donating a tree. For $300 you can adopt an existing tree at the arboretum. Or, for $300 plus the cost of the tree (Tree prices start at $75) you can donate a tree of your choice to the arboretum. Adoption/donation costs cover planting and maintenance of the tree, a plaque identifying the person or group adopting/donating the tree and the person or group to whom the tree is dedicated. Such costs also cover replacement of the tree if it dies or is destroyed.
To order a tree call 918-337-5275 or 918-337-0137.
On April 19, 2002, The FOP was one of 500 honorees chosen by USA Weekend for their volunteer work on the 11th "Make a Difference Day"
John Miller is in the trim!
At the May 5 Workday at Johnstone Park,
The FOP members and friends all met at 9:00 AM on May 3, 2003 to cut down dead trees, trim back brush and put a fresh coat of paint on all the playground equipment at Johnstone Park. Several hours later, a tidy, bright playground emerged from their efforts and the City of Barlesville crew had huge piles of debris to be hauled away.

The FOP spruces up several parks a year, saving City workers time and effort and restoring people's pride in their neighborhood parks. The City of Bartlesville provides the paint and brushes and disposes of limbs and trimmings, while the Friends bring their yard equipment and supply the elbow grease. Many parks have been improved over the years thanks to the efforts of this group!

Parking guides look great in silver paint
Playground equipment looks much better in blue, red and yellow paint!
A few members at Limestone Park during a paint and spruce up session!
Members of the Friends of the Parks meet bimonthly to conduct business, plan park cleanup days and to learn from the City Parks Department representative what is new in plans and development for City parks. Come join us!